Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fun Mix CD

For some random reason I decided to make a mix CD for my future bride last night.
Thought I'd share the track listing with you. There's not really a theme to it per say, but I think it will make a good driving mix. It's mainly just the latest songs I've been listening to and seem to be getting a number of requests on ONR.

1. KJ-52: Rock On
2. Hawk Nelson: The Show
3. Jeremy Camp: Tonight
4. John David Webster: Made to Shine
5. Jimmy Needham: Lost at Sea
6. Mute Math: Noticed
7. Need to Breathe: Shine On
8. Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack: Bus Rider
9. Nevertheless: The Real
10. Phil Wickham: Divine Romance
11. Relient K: Forgiven
12. Sarah Groves: Loving a Person (live mix from relevant magazine)
13. Superchick: Stand in the Rain
14. Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack: Here's Rico
15. The Fray: Over My Head
16. TobyMac: Made to Love
17. Big Daddy Weave: Let it Rise
18. Casting Crowns: Set me Free
19. David Crowder: Here is Our King (live mix from relevant magazine)
20: DecembeRadio: Drifter
21: Moby: One of These Mornings

What's on your latest Mix CD or top songs on your iPod?

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