Thursday, February 17, 2005

When Did it all Change

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to life, the meaning of life and my ultimate purpose. Sounds pretty deep, I know. Now if only I was a deep thinker, I might be able to figure this all out.
I began wondering this week how much impact I have on the world around me and how much impact the world has on me. Am I impacting my world in a good positive way, or is the world impacting me in its own way?
This feels like another quarter-life crises (just like last year), I hope I don’t go through this every year around my birthday.
Sunday our class talked about sin and its impact on the Israelites and Hosea.
And of course it’s easy to talk about how things “used to be.” And we had numerous rabbit trails we chased, talking about the good ole’ times.
Everyone remembers the good things that happened in the past and how kids used to respect their elders and T.V. was good and wholesome.
Everyone remembers when Ricky and Lucy slept in separate beds on T.V., and I think everyone has their own idea of where they’ve placed blame for the destruction of society as we know it.
I told the class, as I sat their teaching with a polo shirt and jeans on, how growing up I was never allowed to wear jeans or shorts to church. Jeans could only be considered for the evening service (something that has become almost as rare as unanimous vote on the Belton City Council).
And now I go home for the weekend and see that my dad rarely wears his suit to Sunday morning services.
I have to question, where did the change come about and was it for the better or for the worse?
Did my family and our churches loose respect for God, or did we come to a greater understanding -- that God accepts us for who we are and we don’t have to impress him with a suit and tie? Or maybe, we are trying to impress those outside the church with our blue jean services and rock and roll worship circus.
As my class talked, we agreed that many things that were taboo when our parents grew up are now common place for us.
Even things that were taboo for me 20 years ago, I have come to accept and often embraced.
I have to wonder what I will come to accept and embrace 20 years from now.
What will my children think when they read and hear stories about my growing up? Will I be an ultra-conservative to them? Will my morals be obsolete?
I read a great book Monday night, based on the brother of a close friend who has cerebral palsy. In the book, he dreams he meets Jesus and walks him through the history of mankind, all the way up to the point of Christ dying on the cross.
It struck me as I read it, that the Israelites continued to let more and more slide as they got further and further away from the Garden of Eden. And every time God would reveal Himself and show His power, they would remember for a short while, before going back to their old ways. How long will it be before we too loose sight of God completely?