Monday, December 18, 2006

Moby and Christmas

Moby's got a post on Christmas and the "religious right."
jesus once got angry and drove the money-changers from the temple. why? because they were commercializing religion. so...what would upset jesus more, someone at wal-mart saying 'happy holidays', or billions of dollars being spent to commercialize jesus' birthday party?
the religious right need to sit down and look at what they're doing.
christians in the 21st century should be humbly tending to the poor and needy, not opposing stem-cell research, banning harry potter books, getting upset about homosexuality, and defending christmas from the pagan infidels(well, if a few people from the aclu count as pagan infidels).
Agree? Disagree? On a semi-unrelated topic, when's Moby going to make a Christmas album? I doubt from his comments he ever will - but I'd love to give a listen to him performing his favorite Christmas carols.

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