Thursday, December 21, 2006

Important message for tea-totalers

Please read this important message regarding your beloved tea and coffee....
Don't fall into sin like your brothers and sisters have.
There might be some who allege that drinking just one or two glasses of tea does not lead to caffeine addiction. This is technically true, but unfortunately, not all Christians who partake in moderate tea drinking can stop with just a couple of glasses. It is not uncommon for Christian men and women to progress from tea, to coffee, to 64 ounce Colas or Mountain Dews. Where does it stop? How does one know when the line of addiction has been crossed? If caffeine is addictive, then why play with fire? We must conclude that Drinking tea is a sin (Counsels on Diet and Drink: Part II, Tea and Coffee, page 434).
I'm rolling on the floor spilling my coffee and tea everywhere.
Please be sure to read the entire entry and comments.

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