Thursday, December 21, 2006

A weird Christian

Moby talks about being a weird Christian today on his blog:
i won't ever argue with anyone about religion or claim that i'm right and they're wrong.
but in my own weird and subjective way i'm a weird little christian.
i believe that there's something somehow divine about the teachings of christ, and the fact that christ's teachings compel us to be selfless and forgiving and humble and loving and non-judgemental.
this is one of the reasons that i get so annoyed with contemporary christianity and it's seemingly comprehensive disconnect from the actual teachings of christ.
but, nonetheless, i find it odd when people come to or myspace to say 'moby, we christians do this/that/etc'.
i kind of want to say, 'uh, dudes(notice the contemporary colloquialism, that's me trying to fit in)i'm one of you, ok?'
christ compels us to be better than we usually are.
christ compels us to forgive those who've wronged us.
christ compels us to love our enemies.
christ compels us to be humble and non-judgemental.
christ compels us to care for the neediest.
christ compels us to be non-violent.
christ compels us to recognize that the material world and all of our posessions will ultimately turn into dust, so we shouldn't get too attached to our bodies, our lives, and our stuff.
and, most importantly (in many ways), christ compels us to love one another and look after one another, and to see all people as our own family.
I thought this comment was interesting:
and i'll never, not for a second, say 'what i believe is right, and what you believe is wrong.' what i believe is what i believe. it's subjective and it makes sense to me and it changes as i change and as my experience in the world changes.
That doesn't seem to leave any room for absolutes. Are there absolutes in your faith that you will not negotiate? Should there be?

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