Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hinn to travel by Gulfstream

The Lord provided a miracle to televangelist Benny Hinn: a Gulfstream G4SP plane to help deliver the Gospel to the world. Except, the Lord got kinda stingy when it came time to pay for the thing, dubbed Dove One. So Hinn has written a letter asking for donations.
I ask you to prayerfully read the brochure I have enclosed. I am praying that the Lord will speak to you to be one of 6,000 partners who will give $1,000 now or in the next ninety days to cover the remainder of the $6 million down payment for this powerful ministry tool for evangelism.
I'd expect a free trip to somewhere if I gave $1,000 for someone else to buy a Gulfstream. But then again I'm a little stingy.

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