Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Re: Cooking show or favorite eatery

The discussion continues on several blogs about whether church should be about a cooking show or favorite eatery.
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    The post from Thomas that started this all said,
    While I couldn’t connect with much of what was happening there, I felt really touched by the message that was taught. But at the end of the service, I had a feeling of incompleteness. I wanted to talk about it with the others, tell them how it spoke to me and hear what it meant to them. Discuss how that could become part of our life. But there was no room for that.
    I think this is why blogs are so important for churches. It may be impossible to connect with everyone every Sunday. But with new technology like blogs and Web 2.0 people can connect at any time of the week - when it's convenient for them. Maybe someone can't make it to church every Sunday but they can connect with others via the Internet. You can discuss the message, discuss the music, discuss thoughts and sharpen each other's swords.
    I'm not trying to say churches should rely totally on Web 2.0 (or Church 2.0 as Thomas likes to call it), but it can be a very useful tool to reach those that might miss out on connections otherwise.
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