Sunday, December 31, 2006

Kara's off and grown up

Tim and Kara
Well my baby sister has done it. Her and Tim tied the knot yesterday and are now off enjoying their honeymoon in the Smokey Mountains.
It's odd watching your baby sister get married. The same baby sister I cried about when she was born -- because I wanted a brother.
But she has become an amazing woman of God and she (God) couldn't have found a better man for her.
They're total opposites when it comes to their personalities but like minded in so many other ways.
Kara is like a tornado when she blows into a room and Tim is the steady fortress that doesn't get tossed about with the winds of change.
I'm proud to watch her continue to grow and thankful for all the advice she's given me over the last 21 years. I pray I've been as diligent in doing the same thing.
My only wish is that Amy could have been there to see it all. When the maid of honor sang, "Praise the King" I couldn't help but get a little choked up thinking about Amy and how she wanted that song sung at her wedding.
Kara and I had a brief moment to ourselves at the rehearsal as Lindsey practiced the song -- I'll cherish that forever.
Amy was just as proud of Kara, if not more so and was a huge supporter of Kara and Tim.
Love them all.
Here's to a New Year and a new marriage blessed by God.

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Laurie Turner said...

Amy might not have been there physically, but she was there in every other way. She was up there with Kara at that alter, being a very proud big sister!