Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Killing phantom power

According to experts, phantom power is a huge drain on your electric bill. What is phantom power? It's the power your television, computer, VCRs, cell phone chargers and more drain when they're not really in use.
Your television drains power so that it can stay in standby and a picture will appear the moment you turn on the set. Your VCR drains power so that your timer will stay set and your computer may be draining power to charge it or just simply because you left it on.
All those items around your house can add up. has some suggestions on how you can kill all that phantom power around the house.
1) Devices like the Kill-a-Watt and Wattson can point you to devices that attract the largest load, leading you to get...
2) A "smart" power strip like the Wattstopper Plug Load Control and Smart Strip Power Strip, that cut the power when your devices are off.
3) The Mini Power Minder has the smarts to shut off your computer’s peripherals and doodads when the computer itself is shut down.
4) Simply unplugging things like your cell phone charger, which is only in use a few minutes per day, will make a bigger difference than you'd think.
5) See How to Green Your Electricity to learn more about keeping phantoms, vampires and warts out of your electrical life.
And one for me - getting up and turning off your bedroom lights before you fall asleep will also make a big difference in your electric bill as well - especially if you leave your lights on one or two nights a week.

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