Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hail to the Chief: Dixie Chicks in Dallas

From Frontburner:
It was a good show last night. The Chicks entered to "Hail to the Chief," and since this was the last tour stop, I thought Natalie Maines might get fiesty. She kinda did. She made a joke about Britney Spears' crotch, but left politics alone, referring to the band's past troubles only as "the incident." They are amazing musicians, as the Morning News attests. But the crowd was sparse. I saw a block of empty seats as close as the fourth row. I wondered how many people like me went for free, the band's desperate attempt to fill the arena.
Anyone want to explain all the backlash and hoopla over the Dixie Chicks to me? Aren't our soldiers fighting overseas to give other countries the same rights of free speech that the Dixie Chicks and the rest of American's have?


Rick Reynolds said...

I guess freedom is also disagreeing with people who choose to make comments about someone others appreciate. I think they definitely have a right to their opinion but does that mean that everyone has to be subjected to it by paying there money to see them. If you want to sing and use it as a platform do not get ticked off when people show you what they think about your opinions. I do not like country music, so who cares. I am interested in maybe seeing there movie when they start cursing the President out because he made his opinion known. I guess my point is, free speech works both ways.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has the freedom to disagree with the Chicks comments.

Should coporations, which have PUBLIC broadcasting licenses (clear channel) have the right to use their coporate power to sensor music because of the politic opinions of the muscians?

This was more than a matter of people not buying tickets or CD's.

These woman recieved hate mail and threats against their Children!

Free speach is the right to voice your opinion with safety.