Saturday, December 23, 2006

Methane power

Ever want to find a use for all those cow patties on your back 40?
An agricultural college in the UK has found that eight months worth of cow patties produces enough electricity to power a farm for a full year.
Adrian Joynt, farm manager at the college's new £2.7m environmentally-friendly Harris Centre, said: "Everything that comes out of the back end of an animal goes in [the digester].
"And what we get out is 7,500 kilowatts - or £7,500 worth. We actually get enough energy to supply the farm's electricity for a year."
He added: "If you are going to put food in one end of the cow, we have to accept what comes out of the other.
"It's about what we do with it.
"We can either spread it on the field or we can put it through this digester and get the methane gas out of it."
Via The BBCI'm sure someone's got a great snarky remark or two about this. I'm just waiting to read them.

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