Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Austin Street needs

From Marni...
Hey everyone,
I made a new friend at the shelter on Sunday. His name is Willie. We talked for almost an hour while he told me his story. Willie has a job, but he doesn't get off of work each day until 4. By the time he gets to the shelter, we and/or our supplies are usually gone. And lately as it's getting cold, Willie sometimes isn't getting into the shelter because it fills up before he gets off work. Willie has a sweatshirt and a sweatshirt pullover, and that's the extent of his cold-weather clothing. Willie says that's not so bad for when he's outside during the day, but on the nights his job keeps him from getting in to the shelter, sleeping outside is pretty bad with no real coat to keep him warm.
And our buddy Donald...the one from the video Jonathan shot. He was there for our coat drive, but he only got a zip-up jacket, not a coat.
I am trying to find 2 coats for Willie and Donald. So far, no luck, but between all of us, I know we know someone who can help. Willie needs an extra large and Donald needs a large. Let me know if you are able to secure the coats for our friends and we'll take them out there on Sunday when we go back. And as a prayer request, Willie asks for a better paying job that will get him out of the cycle that he's in right now. He would like to make enough to get into low-income housing because that would guarantee his job wouldn't force him to miss his chance to sleep indoors. Thanks so much!

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I posted this on my LJ as I have quite a few guy friends and married friends who might be able to donate.