Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 by the numbers

Brandi always comes up with great ideas for her blog posts so I’m taking her latest and adapting it for me. Here’s a look at 2006 by the numbers.

States visited: 4
African countries visited: 1
Airports I’ve been in or landed at: 8
Nights I spent in the African bush: 1
Times our caravan was stuck in the mud on the way to said bush: 7
Times our van broke down on the way to or from said bush: 7
Gubernatorial candidates met: 3
Famous people met: 2
New churches joined: 1
Times I’ve said I love my new church: 6,749
New tires on my truck: 2
Months left on my apartment lease before I met Laurie: 13
Months left on my apartment lease when I proposed: 9
Months left on my apartment lease when we get married: 3
Softball teams I’ve played on (at least one game): 4
Softball championships said teams won: 1 and one 2nd place
Wrestling shows I’ve taken part of: more than 15
Books read: 7
Hard drives replaced on my laptop: 1
Power supplies replaced on my laptop: 2
Number of times a co-worker has complained about their Mac computers: 8,224
Logic boards replaced on Laurie's Mac: 1
Number of times I’ve wished I could work on OS 9 again: 0
Videos produced for church: 5
Videos posted on YouTube: 37
Pictures posted on Flickr: 1,327
Friends on MySpace: 287
Current total number of posts to my personal blog: 1,915
Recorded visits to my personal blog: 10,020
Blogs currently subscribed to: 65
Lifelong memories made with friends and family: countless
Days until I'm married: 117

Here’s to 2007 and seeing all the changes that it brings with it. May God bless you this year and may His face shine upon you.

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