Friday, January 12, 2007

Cingular is now AT&T

I have no idea why, I have a better understanding now after talking to a Cingular rep, but Cingular Wireless is now AT&T.

1st Cingular bought out AT&T Wireless in Oct 2004. AT&T Wireless was a stand alone company not owned by AT&T.
2nd AT&T bought out SBC and their mobile carrier, Cingular SBC bought out AT&T and dropped the SBC name and became AT&T, due to the world wide brand recognition and admiration
3rd The new AT&T bought out Bell South, a partial owner in Cingular
3rd4th After one owner goes away, Cingular changes its name to AT&T to clarify the connection between Cingular and AT&T

Oh brother... I hope that all made sense. I guess if you've got the money to spend on re-marketing, go for it.
Granted anytime you can gain market recognition and admiration you may as well do it.
A Cingular PR rep told me the new branding of Cingular could take six months or more, similar to when SBC became AT&T.
Cingular customers will see no difference in their service or how they pay their bill other than a new name.

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