Thursday, January 11, 2007

My boy is growing up

Chad Crawford, who was "my son" one year for UMHB's Welcome Week is being featured on the Beatitudes Society.
When we got to the summit, we could not believe what we saw there—an expansive panoramic view of the northern part of San Francisco Bay and an exquisite lodge where we could sit and catch our breaths. They even poured us water out of wine bottles with fancy green leaves inside! I knew I wasn’t in Texas anymore. It was a far cry from the extreme poverty we saw everyday on the streets of San Francisco—but geographically only a few miles away. I believe that there are people in my generation who want everyone to enjoy a better quality of life, who want to work to close the gap between the wealthy and the poor, who want to be better stewards of God’s creation. We believe that all of these visions are connected. Sometimes we have to take paths that haven’t been made yet, and sometimes we find roads that have been paved by those who have already been at it for decades, creating the society that my generation also wants.
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He also has an ongoing blog.

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