Monday, January 29, 2007

New songs on OrangeNoiseRadio

We've got new tracks being added to OrangeNoiseRadio all the time, including the latest songs from Thaxton. The Midlothian based rocker's got some great music coming out on his next EP release.
Check him out and our other top 10 requested songs (including a tie for the number six spot) at And be sure to click Submit Request on our website to request your favorite songs on OrangeNoiseRadio.

1. Mirac - Take A Stand
2. Need to Breathe - Shine On
3. John David Webster - Made to Shine
4. Thaxton - Best Of Me
5. Weird Al Yankovic - White And Nerdy
6. Dave Barnes - I Have and Always Will
7. U2 - City of Blinding Lights
7. TobyMac - Made To Love
8. Spur58 - Sleepwalkers
9. KJ-52 - Rock On
10. Jack Johnson - Good People

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