Sunday, January 21, 2007


Didn't realize this till reading a recent review, but we met Nancy Pelosi's daughter a few months back (Pelosi is the recently elected Speaker of the House).
Pelosi came and shot footage of the CWF for her documentary Friends of God, which airs on HBO Thursday night.
It will be interesting to see what the documentary says about us.
Review from TV Squad
HBO's synopsis
Kansas City Star report
Look for the documentary to begin airing Thursday night 8 CST on HBO. Check your listings for more information.


headphonaught said...

Bro... did you read Moby's review of this film? Not really complimentary.

Jonathan Blundell said...

No. I guess I missed it. I read that he was at one of the screenings. I'll have to read it.
Granted I don't agree with him 100-percent of the time but who knows. We won't see it till it airs on Thursday.

Jonathan Blundell said...

From Moby:

'friend of god'
Jan 19, 2007 -

i just got back from dc, where i went to see a screening of my friend alexandra pelosi's movie 'friend of god', about evangelicalism in the united states.
it's a great movie, at times funny(evangelical pro-wrestlers), at times absurd(ted haggard asking a parishioner how often his wife has ***), at times depressing(little kids stating their belief in creationism after seeing drawings of humans with dinosaurs), and at times infuriating(just about everything else in the movie).
i believe it's going to be running on hbo soon.
the movie reminded me just how utterly disconnected the agenda of the evangelical christian right is from the teachings of christ.
they're jesus obsessed, but there's no correlation between their agenda and the teachings of christ.
i know, i've written about this a lot in the past.
but it's worth remembering: the evangelicals are obsessed with prayer in schools, supporting the war in iraq, opposing the teaching of evolution, fighting *** marriage, banning abortion.
and also worth remembering that jesus never mentioned any of these things in the new testament.
in fact he said, to paraphrase: don't pray in public, don't engage in violent behavior, judge not lest you be judged, and so on.
i just wish that someone in the mainstream media would ask jerry falwell or some other evangelical leader: 'what part of your anti-***/pro-war message is supported by the teachings of christ?'
'friend of god' is a great movie, please try to see it if you can.

Anonymous said...

I admit, I have a problem... I am really bothered by people that mishandle and remix the Word of God...
In Matt. 5:17 Jesus SAID:"Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them."
What law? Levitical Law.(war, self-protection and the sanctity of human life are all covered under Levitical Law.) Which prophets? ALL OF THEM!
Now about the public prayer:
Jesus said in Mark 12:38-41"38In His teaching He was saying: "Beware of the scribes who like to walk around in long robes, and like respectful greetings in the market places,
39and chief seats in the synagogues and places of honor at banquets,
40who devour widows' houses, and for appearance's sake offer long prayers; these will receive greater condemnation." <<--He is explaining that the scribes in positions of authority do things for show. And that God knows, is aware and will punish same.