Sunday, January 28, 2007

Friends of God

We watched Alexandria Pelosi's documentary, "Friends of God" Thursday night on HBO. The Christian Wrestling Federation was featured for a full 1 min and 50 seconds. I thought it was a very fair portrayal.
Sure I've read a number of comments online with people laughing at the idea. But they've been doing that for the last seven years.
I believe our spot on the 56 minute documentary was the only one with an actual Gospel presentation. Pelosi said in an interview with the San Fransisco Chronicle that as a "lapsed Catholic" a number of evangelicals tried to convert her to Christianity off camera. I'm sure that was frustrating to her. What would you have done in her shoes or if she was doing a story on you?
I also thought it was interesting that she said no one really made the connection about her and her mother (Nancy Pelosi) but once Jerry Falwell did he kicked her off his bus. Gotta enjoy that Christ-like love.

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