Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gimp vs. Photoshop

Blogger and commercial-prepress worker Philip McClure runs Photoshop by day and Gimp by night. Which is better? Read his comparison to find out.
McClure comes to the main conclusion that because of its press capabilities (specifically CMYK and Pantone modes) Photoshop is a must for any professional printers/designers.
But Gimp is the better choice for home users instead of pirating a copy of Photoshop.
I've been using Gimp for my graphics program since my hard drive crashed in December and while it's taken some getting used to I've enjoyed it. Yes, it's not Photoshop which I have become extremely dependent upon over the years for countless applications and would love to be able to afford for my home computer - but I can still do good/decent work with it and its way better than Microsoft Paint.
Here's a few banners I put together in a couple minutes with Gimp. I could have done more but I just needed a couple quickies to advertise OrangeNoiseRadio:

Via Lifehacker

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