Thursday, January 04, 2007

Treading water

Leonard Fin is having trouble with treading water as a 20-something. Sound familiar? He thinks his current status has to do with the Discovery Channel and a rafting trip he took in high school.
My friends from high school who wanted to be doctors received their white jackets a few days ago. My aspiring-dentist housemates from college are fixing real teeth … and those of us who didn’t want to be doctors and lawyers and such? Since we’re not busy celebrating our budding professional careers, what are we up to, here and now, in our mid-20s?
Well, personally, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Wondering why I’ve turned out this way, wondering if there’s still enough time to fix it and get a real career. I’ve also been looking back on high school thinking about what started the path to here. And how much a few things mattered. Things I never would have thought about then. Things like The Discovery Channel and raft trips.
What about you? What led you to your current status in life?

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Marni said...

Stangely enough...a raft trip! We went with 80+ youth and about 20 adults to camp in Colorado a few summers ago. One of our activities was to white water raft the Animas River. My raft held Lindsay and three other young ladies I love dearly, so my concern level was astronomical. Had there not been photographic proof of what happened I might be hesistant to truly believe it, but we hit a category 4 (read: BIG) rapid and our boat went vertical and airborne. Simultaneously, a large wall of 32 degree water hit us head on. My instant thought was "We are all going to be swept out of this boat and die". Then God stepped in and we landed intact. It was the first in a series of events where I would call out to God in serious distress, and before I could blink, there He was. My hero, my knight in shining armour, my protector, lover of my soul. Over the next years I would call out to Him as our life took tragic and painful turns, but I always knew no matter what came at us, we would land intact. So what's my current status in life? I'm protected, I'm loved and I'm blessed...