Monday, January 08, 2007

CDs vs. downloads

As I'm putting together more playlist material for OrangeNoiseRadio I'm starting to regret buying some of the countless downloads I've purchased over the last few years.
For the most part they've all been WMA (Microsoft) files with a few files in Apple's native file format.
I even made the switch from MP3 to WMA's for ripping my own CD's some time back.
But the software we use for ONR only plays MP3s. So now I'm stuck having to re-find and re-rip all the songs I already ripped.
And when my hard drive crashed last month I lost everything I had stored on it. No backups of all those songs.
It's got me wondering if CDs are the better way to go, especially after reading a post from Lifehacker today.
What about the rest of you? Have digital files replaced your love affair with CDs? Have you reconsidered re-igniting your first love? If only we could go back to the simpler (illegal) way of downloading all our music for free from Napster life might be so much easier. Ahh... the good ole' days.

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