Monday, January 29, 2007

Web to become primary vehicle for LA Times breaking news

From Editor and Publisher:
Speaking to hundreds of Los Angeles Times journalists in the newspaper's Harry Chandler auditorium this morning, editor James O'Shea outlined a bold plan to increase traffic and revenue from in the face of an increasingly difficult economic climate for newspaper publishers, and urged journalists to think of the Web site as the newspaper's primary vehicle for news.
"We can't hide from the fact that smart competitors such as Google and Craigslist are stealing readers and advertisers from us through innovative strategies that are undermining the business model we've relied on for decades," said O'Shea, whose remarks were published in their entirety on the paper's Web site.
"Currently we have a newspaper staff and an staff," he said. "No more. From now on, there are no two staffs, there is just one. And we will function as one. One of Russ's first jobs will be to help set up that newsroom."
He said that would become the paper's "primary vehicle for breaking news 24 hours a day."
I wonder how quickly other newspapers will take notice and start changing with the times.

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