Friday, October 13, 2006

Writing like radio

I thought this was an interesting post and worthy of at least sharing here in the main blog, rather than simply staring it.
What Radio Has Taught This Print Reporter About Writing
It's stuck to NPR media reporter David Folkenflik's computer.
Reminds him to write as if he's telling a story to his buddies at the bar.
And there's radio lesson number one, according to print-reporter-turned-NPR-correspondent John Hendren:
Write conversationally.
Ask yourself: Would I say it this way?
You don't have to sacrifice detail for style, he said. "You can be descriptive and still write conversationally."
I find that writing for a newspaper is much simpler when you just write the way you would tell the story to a friend but I think so many times we get caught up in trying to write to impress rather than just writing to tell the story that we lose sight of that.

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