Thursday, October 19, 2006

Speaking in tongues banned by baptists

Capital Annex shares that the Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth has now banned the promotion of anyone who practices "speaking in tongues."
Funny that the Baptists are banning what the apostle Paul allowed.
From Vince:
Considering I can't even speak Spanish after taking two years of it in high school, I'm sure I'm not a good candidate for speaking in tongues. I have witnessed people speaking in tongues before though. About 15 years ago I went to church with a friend who was Pentacostal. In addition to witnessing people "drunk in the Holy Spirit," and seeing a woman jump over a pew, I saw and heard people speak in tongues. While it is an interesting sight, I think it's more interesting that Texas psychoconservative Baptists have decided that speaking in tongues is simply too "out there."
Looks like a lot of interpreters will have to look for other work now.

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