Thursday, October 19, 2006

Apple v Google

Mark Cuban continues discussion on the new Google and Youtube venture and how it will affect companies like Apple:
While we all wonder what the content companies will do going forward with Google and Youtube, you have to wonder what Apple is thinking and how they will respond.
They have to be sitting their with eyes wide open as they watch 3 of the major record labels sign some sort of deal with Gootube that rewards them with 4k shares of stock each, worth more than 15mm dollars that from appearances will allow Gootube to offer music videos for free from the Gootube site
I've discussed before that people expect free content on the web. They don't mind waiting for an ad as long as the content is free. And most people will pay a minimal price for content that's ad free.
So it will be interesting to see where Google goes with Youtube and their other ventures.
Their ad network is their cash cow. I wonder if they'll ever offer subscriptions or pay services for people to skip over their ads.

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