Friday, October 13, 2006

Too many posts

I'm going through Google Reader and trying to catch up on three weeks worth of not reading blogs.
So much to take in that I'm doing way more skimming than anything.
If you haven't noticed, there's a special tool bar on the right hand side of my blog that shows you special blog entries I've starred/flagged. I would love to comment on them, but for now, you'll just have to read what I've enjoyed and come to your own conclusions.
Feel free to read the things I like and leave me your own comments and thoughts.
Hopefully in the next week things will be back to normal and I can share even more thoughts and pictures from Nigeria.
I'm sure the Nigeria speaking tour will continue on. I started it last night at home with Laurie, my parents, her parents and my grandparents and only made it through maybe a quarter of my pics and videos. I guess I'll need to shorten things down ("Yeah, you think?")
But feel free to keep your comments and questions coming as this stranger in a strange land works through this thing called life.

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