Friday, October 13, 2006

Where are people getting their news?

From a recent study:
Overwhelmingly, people say they get most of their news from local TV: 65.5 percent. That's more than double second-place newspapers (28.4 percent) and almost six times the figure for the Internet (11.2 percent). The Internet came in below national network TV news (28.3 percent) and local radio news (14.7 percent).
When asked if they could get the same news whenever they wanted -- on TV, radio, newspaper, online or a handheld electronic device -- almost two-thirds (63.3 percent) said TV. Only 17.8 percent chose newspapers and just 11.1 percent chose online.
That last number seems to get me. I've read a number of other sources that tend to give more readership to online sources... but who knows?

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