Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Unleash your creative spirit

Church Relevance has a good entry today on finding your creative spirit/genius:
Four Ways to Unleash Your Creative Genius
We all possess the ability to be creative. Often a little creativity is all that is needed to make a sermon stick or an advertisement memorable. To get your creative juices flowing, consider these 4 tips published by USA Today two months ago:

  • Explore an unfamiliar area of knowledge. For example, people who use a lot of math on the job should sign up for a painting class.
  • Spend time each day thinking. Don’t censor your thoughts, but allow your mind to go freely to a problem and see what kinds of solutions or ideas surface.
  • Practice the art of paying attention. Look for and really observe a person, an object or something in your daily commute that you hadn’t really noticed before. Try describing or drawing that object in a journal or sketchbook.
  • Use your imagination. Spend time each day imagining a different world. What would it look like? What would you do there?

    Creativity is about exposing yourself to new ideas and ways of thinking and learning how to harness the key principles your diverse knowledge to improve something. It is important that ministers never stop learning and never stop improving.
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