Thursday, October 26, 2006

James Werner on immigration

From Werner's website:
Immigration and Texas Border Security
Libertarians have always held a view of immigration that favors the "free movement of free peoples". Economists today have now clearly shown that global trade is indispensable for the prosperity of both America and for the emerging economies of the world. Just as capital and goods must be free to travel to those places where they can be put to best use, so should human beings have that right.
As Governor of Texas, I will work with my fellow governors to lobby the federal government for more rational and humane immigration policies. As the Libertarian Governor of Texas, I will, of course, oppose any and all government aid or handouts to new immigrants--whether federal, state, or local.
To be clear, I am the only pro-immigrant candidate for Governor of Texas. My position is that anyone who wishes to come to the United States and work should be allowed to do so--with the exception of known criminals, or individuals with ties to criminal or terrorist organizations. I do not distinguish between those who are currently working here, and those who merely wish to do so.
Will such a proposal ever be accepted? Perhaps not today--and possibly not five years from now. But when we finally do adopt an open border policy with respect to workers, and a "no-public-assistance" policy we will see an era of prosperity that is unimaginable in the world today.
If our nation is based on free markets, respect for property, and the rule of law, anyone with a good idea, a strong back, and the will to give his children a better life will want to come here. And the petty tyrants of the world can be left to preside over empty empires of misery. History proves that we will prosper mightily by accepting new workers and citizens from around the globe.

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