Friday, October 27, 2006

What should I blog about?

I hear people tell me all the time that they don't know what they'd blog about.
Everyone has something interesting to say.
There are 1 million stories in the naked city every night - or so they say.
But the key is to write about what you're passionate about.
I love doing a random check over at technorati or other sites to see what keywords pop up in my blog posts.
You can see right away what I write the most about and by reading my blog you can probably tell very easily what my passions are. I write about thigns I'm passionate about.
If you're passionate about your pets, write about your pets. If you're passionate about your job, write about your job. If you're passionate about health care or politics or your church or your God, write about it.
ChurchCommunicationsPro has started a new series for pastors who need to be bloging.
It's got some great pointers for "the rest of us" as well.
Some of the posts include:
  • How to Get Blogging in About Four Steps, Five Minutes [See below]
  • Why I Suggest Pastors Use
  • Blog Your Passsion, First and Foremost
  • 10 Topic Ideas for Blogging Pastors
  • Blogging as the Spiritual Discipline of Journaling
  • How to Read a Blog ... for Pastors
  • Make a Blog Posting Schedule
  • How to Write a Blog Post ... for Pastors: 6 Ideas
  • The Best Blog Posts ... Are Often Lists
  • Writing Effective Headlines, or Post Titles
    The site also has 5 questions with 44 different blogging pastors that are each great reads.
    Check it out and pass it along to your pastor. It will be well worth it.
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