Monday, October 23, 2006

Powered by melon rinds

From CNET:
University of California, Davis wants to light the world with old melon rinds.
The university will show off an experimental facility next week that takes wilted lettuce, fish heads and other leftover food bits and turns it into biogas, a combination of natural gas and carbon dioxide. Separating the CO2 leaves commercial grade natural gas.
The technology, called an anaerobic phased solids digester, has been licensed from the university and adapted for commercial use by Onsite Power Systems. In the digester, microbes eat the garbage and give off valuable gases.
Researchers in Texas are also working on utilizing cow manure for energy sources.
Each ton of broccoli spears, cantaloupe rinds and fish bones should produce enough energy on average to power and heat 10 California homes.
Bring it on.

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