Thursday, October 26, 2006

Voting God's politics

Sojourners has produced a free guide for the upcoming elections.
Don't forget, election day is Tues. Nov. 7.

Elections provide critical opportunities to exercise both our civic duty as citizens and religious duty as Christians to put our faith into action. We pray that you will join with us over the next two weeks by engaging your friends, family, colleagues, and church in a broader values conversation!
Imagine the impact we could have in highlighting and uplifting a hopeful set of Christian values in this election season if each of you personally downloaded, printed, and distributed five free copies of "Voting God's Politics: An Issues Guide for Christians." With five guides each we could reach 1 million voters with a biblically centered set of principles and values that we believe every Christian should consider in the context of this election...
Because we know that you are active in your faith community, we wanted to let you know about what we hope will be a powerful tool for educating and mobilizing Christians in this midterm election. And we need your help to make sure this free resource is available to as many voters as possible.
What is this issues guide? It is a brochure that outlines the seven themes we believe Christians should consider in Election 2006:

1. Compassion and economic justice
2. Peace and restraint of violence
3. A consistent ethic of life
4. Racial justice
5. Human rights, dignity, and gender justice
6. Strengthen families and renew culture
7. Good stewardship of God’s creation

The guide also includes "10 Things You Can Do Before the Election," handy suggestions for those who are looking to put their values into action.
Click here to download the guide and toolkit. I wonder if someone across the pond can check it out and see if it would be useful there as well.

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