Monday, October 23, 2006

Prayer request

Just wanted to pass along a prayer request tonight. Laurie will be going in tomorrow morning to Baylor Hospital for an ablation on her heart, to correct continuing problems with arrhythmia.
Please pray that the doctors hands are skilled and steady and that this procedure will correct any and all issues and will be the last time she has to worry about her heart again.
Thank you all in advance!


Michael Robinson said...

May the the Holy Spirit's presence be felt by Laurie and those who care for her and that healing may occur to the Glory of God.

headphonaught said...

Gotcha on this one... Love you Laurie... keeping make the big yin smile!

God is with you... already!

Anonymous said...

i stumbled across your blog via an "ablation" keyword search on i just had the same procedure done on 10/26. i hope laurie is doing well, i seem to be doing okay. take care!