Thursday, October 26, 2006

James Werner on abortion

I've been talking about James Werner, Libertarian candidate for Texas Governor with more and more people. Folks are interested but don't know much about him (thanks MSM). I asked him about his thoughts on abortion since that's a big deal to a lot of people. Here's his answer:
My personal opinion is that abortion is a great tragedy--and it causes me much pain to consider it.
Unfortunately, the great philosophers, theologians, and thinkers of our day cannot agree among themselves at what exact moment human life begins. Obviously, there is no consensus among Americans about this either.
So it is with sadness that I have come to the conclusion that government must not interfere in this very troubling personal decision. It has to be up to the woman and her partner.
Having said that, there are reasonable restrictions that I could support. For example, pretty much everyone agrees that a random decision to abort an 8 or 9-month fetus is not acceptable.
This is ultimately a very difficult area for Libertarians. We value the individual right to life and liberty above all else--so we struggle mightily with the question of life itself...
I'm planning to reprint my stories on each of the candidates within the next week or so (all except Strayhorn who's campaign hasn't gotten with me at all.)

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