Thursday, October 26, 2006

Get your ladders ready

President Bush signed legislation today to build a fence along our border.
Seriously? A fence? The Great Wall of China didn't keep the Mongolian's out. The Berlin Wall didn't really keep anyone out of East or West Germany. Why the heck is a fence going to keep Mexican's out?
Sen. Bill Frist writes about it:
I just left the Roosevelt Room of the White House, where President Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006, critical legislation that authorizes at least 700 miles of two-layered fencing along our southwest border.
The American people demand action to stem the tide of illegal immigration and Republicans have responded by dramatically increasing physical barriers … by adding 3,736 new Border Patrol agents … by building 9,150 new detention beds … by hiring 1,373 detention personnel … by ending catch-and-release … and by more than quadrupling spending on border and immigration enforcement over the last five years.
Although I’m leaving the Senate in fulfillment of the pledge I made 12 years ago, I’ll be fighting to ensure that every inch of the fence authorized today is funding fully and constructed promptly … and so should my fellow conservatives throughout America. And I’ll be fighting for better interior enforcement of our immigration laws. We simply must provide tamper proof, biometric identification cards that will enable employers to hire only legal workers. And we must authorize strict penalties for those employers who willingly defy our immigration laws.
Securing our borders is not an insurmountable problem. But it is a problem that House and Senate Democrat leadership – who voted against the Secure Fence Act – irresponsibly ignore.
The American people demanded action? So we built a fence? Really? Do we really think a 700 foot on a 2,000 foot border is going to make a difference?
Lone Star Times says its a good move. I think its ridonkulous.
From CNN:
President Bush will sign the Secure Fence Act into law Thursday at a public ceremony in the White House Roosevelt Room, reversing his earlier decision to withhold the pomp and circumstance.
House Republicans demanded the formal proceedings for public relations purposes, claiming this fence is a major accomplishment for Congress ahead of our November midterm elections.
I'm not sure how tall this "double layered" fence will be, but I think I'll got to Mexico and sell ladders one-foot taller than the fence and make loads of money.

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