Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tips for Treehuggers

I just found this site thanks to Lifehacker.
The site has lots of tips on making your life more green.
Here's a rundown on some of the site highlights...
  • The first installments of our How to Green Your Life series are out and cover your public transportation and meals...with more to come.
  • An unassuming Minneapolis city may be the first to bring solar-powered Wi-Fi to its citizens.
  • Starting in 2007, a new daylight savings time will save us upwards of 3 billion kilowatt hours of energy.
  • Now that we can buy wind power cards next to the granola bars at the grocery store, do we really understand what they do?
  • Slate.com and TreeHugger have teamed up to create the Green Challenge, a step-by-step program for greening your daily grind.
  • The 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge is on, bringing the holiday closer to home.
  • Winners of this year's TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Prize include Architecture for Humanity founder Cameron Sinclair and legendary biologist E.O. Wilson.
  • Also in TreeHugger, our guest bloggers from Live | Work examine growing trend of products of service and access over ownership, green chemistry for the masses, and how to make your own non-toxic wallpaper paste.
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