Thursday, November 30, 2006

Austin Street update

From marni:
For a little while now, Brit and I have been thinking about how to get hot coffee to the shelter to hand that out on the cold days as everyone is standing outside waiting to get in. Britney found a solution (I so knew she would!) so this Sunday, we are setting up our own liquid lounge :)
Britney has a means of making the coffee from her truck :) but we need containers to keep the coffee hot. We were thinking of the large thermos-like containers that either pour or have the push down spout. If any of you have access to something like that we can borrow for the day, we would put it to good use. I think between us right now, we have 3 thermoses, so that's a good start.
We're bringing cups, creamer and sugar. Budget permitting, I think Dane and I will get some reading glasses at Dollar Tree because we haven't taken those out in a while and people are starting to ask for them. Britney brought home-made goodies last week and they were a hit, so Peyton and I are going to do some baking this weekend and take it Sunday to hand out with the coffee.
We'd love for you guys to come too on Sunday. If you have email addresses for anyone else who may want to come as well, pass this along or send me the email addresses and I'll make sure they get the info.
See you guys Sunday...
If you're interested in helping out financially or by coming on Sunday zip me an e-mail. I'll get you the info you need.

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