Friday, November 24, 2006

Erin Rigsby in Baptist Standard

UMHB Alumni Erin Rigsby (2000) was quoted in a recent article for the Baptist Standard. She was at UMHB for their mission conference and spoke about her work in Jos, Nigeria.
Erin was not in Jos the same time we were, she was on furlough but I did see her at the wrap up banquet for our trip.
Erin Rigsby, a 2000 UMHB nursing school graduate, had a goal in returning to her alma mater.
“God changed my life at UMHB,” said Rigsby, now a missionary in Jos, Nigeria. “He made it clear I needed to learn to love people who are different from me. That led to my desire to serve oversees.”
The 2000 graduate hopes to pass on to other students “to learn to love those that are unloveable and to learn to embrace the differences in others.”
I've been posting updates and prayer requests from Erin on my Nigeria Blog. Be sure to keep her and the work in Nigeria as well as missionaries around the world in your prayers.

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