Friday, November 24, 2006

Welcome to foot..... ball

Brandi has a great post on her new found passion - football. Ok, passion may be a bit of an exageration but she has learned to enjoy the sport and her Dallas Cowboys.
Football wasn’t a very big part of my life growing up. Even though I went to a large high school in Texas with a good team and lived with a Dallas Cowboys loving dad, I never got into it. It was too complicated, the games were too long, there were better things to do.
I knew going into it that being with Aaron was going to add a lot more football to my life. His dad was a coach, all three boys played in high school and his brother played in college. It’s not just a passive hobby in their house. It’s a lifestyle.


headphonaught said...

Using the term football loosely again...I see.

Watched a Philadelphia Eagles game... and some fab college football... while in Philly and really enjoyed it.

Two things I thought about:

1) Why is it called football? The foot to ball ratio is very low... usually after a TD or a failed 4th down.

2) Imagine RUGBY UNION played in American Football pads... OMGoodness... just think of the carnage!

I enjoyed what I saw... good fun!

Jonathan Blundell said...

Yeah no idea why it's called football unless the creators some how wanted to tie into soccer's popularity around the world.
But I would love to see some Rugby played more in America.
That's a real man's sport right there.