Monday, November 27, 2006

Unique marketing

From Treehugger:
We have written so much about the greening of Chicago recently; its green roofs programs, bicycle plans, etc.
However it is hard to ride a bike if you can't breathe, and soot isn't good in the garden.
The American Lung Association of Chicago and Advertising students from Columbia college are once again doing power wash graffiti to get the message out- 17,000 tons of pollution spew out of Chicago's two old coal fired power plants.
"We're not painting the sidewalks, we're selectively cleaning off the dirt, much of which came from these two plants," Kevin Tynan, Director of Marketing for the American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago, said. "The Fisk and Crawford plants are responsible for thousands of asthma attacks, hundreds of ER visits and dozens of premature deaths every year and they need to be cleaned up."

Read more at: or watch a video at: Youtube.
Here's another great idea for church marketing. Get out and clean off a side of a building or sidewalk and ad your message.
Of course be sure and ask permission from any property owners before you just start cleaning off any filth on their buildings.

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