Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blog rundown

With 10 posts or so in the last two hours, I'm sure you all wish you were reading this blog with an RSS reader, so you didn't have to search through a bunch of stuff you don't like.
But since the majority of my readers don't use an RSS reader here's a quick rundown of all the posts over the last couple days for quick and easy access:
  • Wes Riddle's weekly column: Sacrifice of Thanksgiving
  • Solar powered cellphones
  • More efficient home building
  • UMHB advances in the DIII playoffs
  • encounter's weekly podcast is up
  • Modern day temples to consumerism
  • Xians should show the world what we're for
  • I will walk through the valley if you want me to
  • Update on Austin Stret
  • It's Sunday night and I should be in bed
  • Orange Noise's current Top 10 requests
  • Internet hits the road
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