Sunday, November 19, 2006

encounter podcast

The encounter podcast for this week is on it's way up the pipe. It's a good one. Take some time to listen and share it with a friend. Here's a description from the podcast:
Life is filled with storms. They come mysteriously and without warning. Storm Chasers put themselves in harm's way in order to learn more about them. Pain and storms in our life can be a powerful force. It causes our attention to be drawn completly inward - how we feel, how we hurt, how we face need. Storms have the power to turn our focus completely toward ourselves. God longs to do so much more in us and through us with the storms we face. Imagine the power of your pain not being wasted but being used for someone else's good. Listen as a family shares their story of how they faced a devestating sotrm only to discover that the greater joy would come out of how God would use it for another's good.
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