Monday, November 20, 2006

San Antonio pastor using Myspace

Love this:
Robert Emmitt had seen TV reports of sexual predators preying on teens on, figuring, like many parents, it amounted to a Pandora's box of danger.
Not something to espouse as the senior pastor of one of the city's largest congregations, Community Bible Church.
But that was before a 26-year-old techie on his church staff suggested he join the MySpace craze to illustrate a sermon series on setting healthy personal boundaries.
Now Emmitt spends about a half-hour per week swapping messages with the 240-plus cyberspace friends he collected in just four weeks as a MySpace user…
To Kevin Hendricks, chief blogger for Church Marketing Sucks, these Christian alternatives created "yet another Christian ghetto" — just like art, music and books made to respond to secular originals.
"When we as Christians see something cool, we say, 'Well that involves interaction with the secular world, and that's scary. It might get dirty and ugly.' But what happens is you lose this interaction (with the public) if you're only talking to people in your church."
Anyone else know of pastor's using Myspace? What about you? Have you joined the Christian alternative sites or are you sticking with "the original" or are you avoiding it all like the plague?

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