Friday, November 24, 2006

For Thomas and Laurie

Yahoo News/Tech Webb is reporting a new hack for OS X has been discovered. The hack works through Mac's Safari Internet Browser and allows outsiders to crash an OS X system.
On Monday, the "Month of Kernel Bugs" project, a month-long disclosure of operating system flaws, announced that a bug in Mac OS X's processing of DMG files -- disk images typically used to distribute software for the Mac -- could be exploited to crash a target machine. There was also the possibility that attackers could introduce additional malicious code to the compromised system to, for example, snatch control from its legitimate user.
Also on NPR I heard today that there's only two things you should ever buy extended warranties on - large rear projection TVs and Appl computers. Both have such high priced repair costs that its actually beneficial to buy and extended warranty. Otherwise - forget it. Don't waste your time or money.

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Laurie Turner said...

Do you seriously think this will deter me from buying future mac products...Macs rock!!!