Monday, November 20, 2006

Clean out your inbox

This one may be best for my dad. He typically has several hundred emails in his inbox at any given time.
Grant Robinson has several ideas for keeping that e-mail inbox clear of messages to save you time thoughout the day.
I did a little house keeping myself and managed to get my inbox down to two messages that I've left in there simply as a reminder to respond to. I've set up other folders in Outlook along with rules to automatically sort my e-mail as it comes in.
I have one for Laurie, Family (immediate, extended and future), daily newsletters/emails and several others. It's kept my inbox clutter free all day. Now I don't sit sorting through as much e-mail. I only look at and respond to e-mails in particular categories, rather than sorting through a lot of other stuff that's not important.

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