Sunday, November 05, 2006

Storm Chasers: Week 1

We started our new series on Storm Chasers this week at encounter. Wow. God is good. Take an hour and listen to the podcast from this week's service. It will rock your world. Granted, it may have just had a greater impact on me since I'm just recently engaged and we've just started planning our wedding, but it's worth a listen for any and all.
Here's a description from the podcast:
Life is filled with storms. They come mysteriously and without warning. Storm Chasers put themselves in harm's way in order to learn more abou them. Listen to the story of how one couple at encounter survived the ultimate storm in marriage - an affair. Discover what they found in the storm and how their marriage was restored better than it was before.
You can click to listen to the file, or visit the encounter podcast page and download the file and other services, or subscribe to the podcast through your favorite podcasting software.

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