Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Promoting on YouTube

From CNET:
In a sequel to its advocacy of internal blogs, Sun Microsystems has begun encouraging its rank-and-file employees to publish videos promoting the company's products.
Sun has launched an internal contest to see who can publish the most compelling video at video-sharing site YouTube, said Sun Chief Marketing Officer Anil Gadre. He said that Sun minions tell him, "If I could just get out and tell everyone about my product myself, we would sell so much more," Gadre said. "YouTube allows us to enable every one of them to do just that."
This is a great concept. Last year Chevrolet asked customers to build their own television commericals for the Chevrolet Suburban and YouTube was flooded with ads (parodies - but added publicity for Chevrolet). Now Sun is using YouTube for its advantage by getting the people who use their products to advertise with the new "word of mouth."
How cool would it be if churches got behind this idea.
What if your church held a contest for the youth and/or members to make a one minute ad talking about your church?
What would it look like? What would they say is the best part about your church? How would people outside the church respond?
If we could only get people in the church as passionate about the Gospel as they are about their iPods, we might get somewhere.

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