Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How did I miss this?

From the Perry camp:
Look Who Got Caught Riding a Toll Road
The Master of the Hypocritical Flip-Flop: Carole Strayhorn
NORTH DALLAS TOLLWAY – Wanting to get out of Metroplex congestion yesterday, gubernatorial candidate and One Tough Grandstander, Carole Strayhorn, decided to take a toll road rather than telecommuting to her next event.
This is the same Strayhorn who consistently recommended toll roads, but who as a candidate for governor has labeled them everything negative except “the work of Satan.”
It seems that when it comes to getting somewhere on time, she prefers the Perry transportation model over her own – which is to have Texans telecommute to baby showers and kids’ ballgames, and to build a bridge from San Antonio to Oklahoma.
This latest flip-flop, on the heels of more than a dozen throughout this campaign, generated not even a word of explanation from Strayhorn. According to the Dallas Morning News, she “just shook her head and laughed.”
“If we charged a toll every time Carole changed positions, we could fund every road project in Texas,” said Perry spokesman Robert Black.
Dallas Morning News (11/02/06):
Strayhorn Express
Carole Keeton Strayhorn has gotten support on the campaign trail from opponents of the Trans-Texas Corridor. About 50 vocal opponents of Gov. Rick Perry’s toll-road project showed up in Waco on Wednesday, waving placards and cheering Mrs. Strayhorn, who has made the issue a central theme of the campaign.
As she does at every campaign stop, she denounced the governor’s toll-road initiative as a “land grab” and “a catastrophe.” She said public roads are the way to go.
Arriving in Dallas at drive-time Wednesday evening, the Strayhorn entourage found the public highways congested. The solution? The Dallas North Tollway, which the Strayhorn entourage used to zip to a campaign stop at City Hall.
Asked about it later on the campaign plane, the independent gubernatorial candidate just shook her head and laughed.

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