Thursday, November 02, 2006

Going on the Christmas wish list

I've been hoping for a Toshiba Giga-beat but the new Microsoft Zune will be released November 14 with a 30 GB player going for $249. That's a little more high priced than the Creative Labs Zen Jukebox I bought a few years back with 40 GB for $249, but this one does video, pictures and has wi-fi sharing capability.
Awesome. Take a look at what capatalism and competition does for Mp3 players. Apple may finally have some real competition with Microsoft pushing the product.
Click here to watch a review of the product from CNET.

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headphonaught said...

Dude... You have taste - you have proven this with Laurie! but oh my goodness... A ZUNE???

Are you INSANE?

Buy an iPod... and join the Cult of Mac!