Tuesday, August 16, 2005

No lie... it's hot..

Our AC in the office went out sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning, and it is dang hot in here right now.
I think the heat level has just continued to rise and the AC has done absolutely nothing about it.
So I'm going home. I'm not working late here, unless I get some crazy whim to come back with two or three fans after the sun goes down.

Sidebar: I'm watching a couple teachers in the High School parking lot. It appears one has a bad battery and the other teacher is walking 100-yards to bring her jumper cables. But there is no other vehicle within 100-yards to jump the stalled car from. UPDATE: the second teacher is now walking back to his truck and has apparently realized his 10-foot jumper cables will not reach 100 yards. Looks like he'll do the smart thing and move his truck closer.

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